Corporate Sponsorship

IJDA Corporate Sponsorship

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Corporate Sponsorship

Companies under the laws of Hong Kong or any other jurisdictions running businesses related to jewellery, and are interested in taking part in, advising or assisting the development of the jewellery design industry but not running jewellery design business shall be eligible for Corporate Sponsor.

Corporate Sponsor can enjoy most benefits and activities provided by the Association, except participating exhibition booths allocated for IJDA's Corporate Designer Members and Individual Designer Members.

Attend the Annual General Meeting but WITHOUT the right to propose and vote, and does not participate in the operations of the Association.

All Corporate Sponsors must pay an entry fee of HK$38,000.

All Corporate Sponsors shall abide by the regulations of the Association.

All Corporate Sponsors shall notify in writing one month prior to their sponsorship resignation.

The Association reserves the right to terminate the sponsorship of a Corporate Sponsor should the Sponsor violates the regulations of the Association or found to be damaging to the Association.